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Selecting an Eye Doctor

Selecting an Eye Doctor

What Does an Eye Doctor Do?

An eye doctor is someone who gives assistance to the general public pertaining to vision or eye health. It is usually any health care worker involved with eye health, from one having just a bit of basic medical training to advanced practitioners with a doctoral degree of vision care. The eye doctor is responsible for the care and treatment of people with vision impairments such as myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism. A qualified eye doctor can help a patient live an independent life by providing a complete array of vision care services.

One of the services an eye doctor provides is screening for eye conditions. Eye screenings are also known as ocular exams and involve certain areas of the visual field that must be examined when a certain condition or disease is suspected. An example of a visual field screen might be a test for macular degeneration, which deals with age-related damage in the macula, which is the center for the transmission of visual information to the brain. An eye doctor's specific areas of interest include glaucoma, cataracts, retina and eye surgery, and ophthalmology. Click here for more details about eye doctors.

Another service, an eye doctor provides is providing the necessary tests and procedures for certain types of eye exams. There are a variety of different types of eye exams available to detect certain types of diseases or disorders of the eyes. For example, refraction and myopia, two different types of presbyopia, can be detected through eye exams. Through the results of these different types of eye exams, the doctor can determine how certain patients should handle certain activities or handle themselves while others may have a different type of visual impairment requiring other types of treatment. In some instances, a doctor may even recommend that a patient undergo surgery in order to correct a visual impairment or disease. See page to get qualified eye doctors.

During an exam, certain things are noted. Eye exams are also known as vision screenings. However, there is more than just one type of eye exam. The exams are typically done in order to detect diseases of the eye such as glaucoma, cataract, and high blood pressure.

When there is a visual examination done by an eye doctor, he or she will check for any unusual redness, sensitivity, or disorientation in the patient's eyes. Someone who experiences these symptoms does not necessarily need to have corrective eye surgery. He or she can merely visit an optometrist or optician for assistance in dealing with the condition. It is extremely important for someone to keep in mind that whenever there is a concern regarding their eyes, an eye exam should be conducted as soon as possible.

The eye doctor is responsible for many duties. He or she is responsible for evaluating a person's vision and to provide treatment for any problems they may have. Optometrists and ophthalmologists also deal with all aspects of vision care including the detection of eye diseases and are providing treatment for those ailments. These health care professionals work closely with patients in order to help them maintain good overall health. Get more enlightened about this topic here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optometry.

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